Pursuing the Presence in the New Testament

+ reading 5 chapters a week + 1 chapter a day Monday to Friday +

+ finishing Revelation on 30 Dec + new notes uploaded on Sundays +

Luke 15-24

Luke 15 These awesome stories. In them Jesus unfolds his robe and exposes huge, dazzling treasures about the personality and intention of God. They truly are brilliant aren’t they? But something I had not spotted before – the fresh bread for me in this today – is that the three parables in ch15 and thenContinue reading “Luke 15-24”

Luke 10-14

Luke 10 We are pretty much halfway through Luke now and he has laid out ample evidence of Jesus’ personality (birth, baptism, miracles, transfiguration) and his plan (Luke 4 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…, sending out of the 12). We must mark as read that Jesus is the Humble Empowered One whoContinue reading “Luke 10-14”

Luke 5-9

Luke 5 What did Jesus mean when he said “Your sins are forgiven” to the paralysed man? Surely he can’t mean the man’s paralysis was caused by something naughty he had done? But equally, Jesus’ forgiveness can’t be dealing with something totally separate to the man’s physical health or else how does the man thenContinue reading “Luke 5-9”

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