Pursuing the Presence in the New Testament

+ reading 5 chapters a week + 1 chapter a day Monday to Friday +

+ finishing Revelation on 30 Dec + new notes uploaded on Sundays +

Matthew 9-18

Matthew 9 When Jesus says “your faith has healed you” to the bleeding woman it sort of sticks in my throat a little bit.  I mean it wasn’t her faith that healed her really – it was Jesus. If she had gone and touched the cloak of one of the pharisees with the same levelContinue reading “Matthew 9-18”

Matthew 1-8

Matthew 1 Clearly no-one told Matthew that listening to someone else’s family history is less interesting than filling out a passport application.  And yet, in this family history we see the bewildering arc of God’s grace, stretching across kings (Solomon) and prostitutes (Tamar), adulterers (David) and asylum seekers (Ruth).  On reading this stuff, barely anyoneContinue reading “Matthew 1-8”

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