Pursuing the Presence in the New Testament

+ reading 5 chapters a week + 1 chapter a day Monday to Friday +

+ finishing Revelation on 30 Dec + new notes uploaded on Sundays +

1 Corinthians 1-5

1 Corinthians 1 After being re-founded by Julius Caesar 100 years before Paul visited, Corinth had bustled and flourished into the preeminent city in all of Greece. It was “where it’s at, man”. And the church – like most churches – mirrored both the good and the bad of the culture in which it wasContinue reading “1 Corinthians 1-5”

Romans 12-16

Romans 12 When you humbly love the church you are joining Paul in a doxology of devotion to the wisdom of God. That was the conclusion of Romans 11. Paul rams that home in this stupendous section. He tells us what it looks like to love the church. In our individualistic West we have suggestedContinue reading “Romans 12-16”

Romans 7-11

Romans 7 We’ve seen how atonement dealt with wrath. It ushered us under the shower of God’s bountiful blessing (ch 2-4). We’ve seen how rebirth into the Christian race set us free from slavery to sin. It placed delightful holiness within our grasp (ch 5-6). This chapter (7) looks at the same process using marriageContinue reading “Romans 7-11”

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